Hillside House Plans

Hillside House Plans

Our unique house plans include this selection of home designs for construction on a sloping lot. Our hillside house plans provide an excellent opportunity to use the basement as a garage or to provide a walk-out patio from the basement level. The house plans below are specifically designed as hillside house plans for sloping lots.

Many of our Southern Cottages house plans are well suited for a hillside lot or sloping lot. A hillside house plan lends itself to a walkout basement, which is a great option for your hillside house plan. Typically, the house is situated so that one wall of the basement can be open to the grade outdoors and is accessible through a doorway and/or a garage entrance. This wall can have windows and glass just like any other floor. The other three walls are positioned against the earth although, usually, 30 inch square windows can still be placed at the top of the earthen wall between the grade and the porch floor above. This helps to give natural light to the space making it feel more pleasant and useful.

The basement is very economical space because it is built within the foundation of the house which is necessary anyway. It requires no roof but requires only extending the walls to provide proper ceiling height and the installation of a concrete floor slab. The basement can be a tremendous amenity to the house serving as a storage area, garage, rec room, game room or workshop.

Many of the house plans offered by Southern Cottages have a basement foundation which is ideal for a hillside house plan. These include the Island Cottage, Lookout Cottage, Plantation Cottage, Hip Cottage, Mountain Cottage and Country Cottage.

Common hillside lots include those that slope from front to back (often associated with Lake or waterfront locations) and those that slope from side to side. The plantation cottage is ideal for a hillside house plan sloping from side to side. All the other cottage plans listed above are suitable for lots that slope front to back.

We, here at Southern Cottages, fondly call these house plans “cottages” but don’t let that fool you. The house plans that we offer range from small house plans, starting at 1,423 square feet, to large house plans of 4,400 square feet, and are suitable for families of all sizes.