Front Porch House Plans

Front Porch House Plans

The Front Porch has classic functionality that works on a number of differnt levels at once – thus contributing to its sustained popularity. The front porch, of course, provides a place for people to meet and greet as well as shelter while unlocking the front door. But it also provides a transitional space or “outdoor room” which can be furnished with rockers, swings, tables and plants to provide a pleasant shaded spot to feel a summers breeze, to enjoy the chirping of the birds and to keep an eye on the kids playing in the yard. In summer, the front porch shades and cools the walls and windows reducing utility bills. In winter, it protects the front entrance from rain, snow and ice. All year long it protects the siding, windows and doors from the degrading effects of weather. We feel that the front porch is an essential component of a well designed house plan for gracious southern living.

Front porch house plans recall a time when there was a connection between you and passersby on the street; a time when you might wave or say hi your neighbor. It is also reminiscent of a farmhouse with a large front porch with rocking chairs, plants and a porch swing. The front porch or entrance porch is just as important today as it was then. As Southern Cottages, we feel that the front porch is an important component in the design of a great house and therefore we have many Front porch house plans in our collection.

The covered porch is actually an outdoor room, which expands your living space while providing a place for you to live, breathe and enjoy nature while being protected from the hot sun. It provides a statement about where the entrance to the house is for your guests. It provides a place to greet and gather with your guest upon their arrival and departure. The front porch also protects against heat gain through windows while providing a wonderful transition from the environmentally controlled interior of the house to the outdoor areas, shaded and sheltered, where summer breezes can naturally cool things down. In fact, every house needs a covered entrance or front porch of some kind where you can be protected from the rain while finding your keys and which keeps the rain from beating down and splattering up on your front door, thereby protecting it from weather damage over time. The front porch can also give your house a distinctive appearance.

Large roof overhangs and porches also help to protect the siding and walls from weathering, high heat transfer and water intrusion over time.

At Southern Cottages we have a variety of front porch house plans . We offer wraparound porches as well as smaller entrance porches. We offer houses with front and back porches. We love front porch house plans.

Another important consideration for your house plan design is that of “weatherproofing” your house. Special care must be given to the detail and installation of house wraps, flashings, weep planes, dewpoint in walls and breathability of the overall wall and roof structure. Porches can be an important part of this weatherproofing. Plans and specifications for front porch house plans , provided by Southern Cottages, describe how all these materials are to be installed to protect against moisture intrusion.