B. Turner

Owner of
- Aug 2010

Hello Mike and Associates,

Mountain Cottage through TreesWe returned to our island cottage or as you refer to it the mountain cottage on your website, in a few days, for the 10th year. It was over 11 years ago when we purchased your house plans with some minor modifications to accommodate Canadian winters.

We lived 4000 km (2486 miles) away during construction. With your excellently detailed plans and a distinguished local builder there were a few issues as it was being built. We did visit the site every several months to monitor activities.

The layout works. We can accommodate our family of 16 and 4 dogs for summer weekends and at Christmas. It is a great place to reconnect, with lots of getaway places if someone requires a bit of downtime.

In August we have friends over for an annual potluck supper, numbering over 40, without feeling too crowded. There are lots of conversation places to share news. After 10 years of enjoyment we would not change a thing.

The structure goes through a full 4 seasons. Temperature can hover around +35 C (95°F) during summer and it has seen -35 C (-31°F) in winter. No issues. During the hot days in July we open all the windows enjoy a cool breeze off the lake in the evening. The design sheds snow so as not to worry about snow load during the winter months. Attached is a picture we took during December 2012. The structure looks capable of embracing winter. We want to thank you for having had the privilege of enjoying your architectural skills.

Mountain Cottage from Rear