4 Features That You Can Expect From a Cottage House Plan

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Rarely will you find an architectural style that exudes the kind of storybook charm and vision that a cottage-style home does. Originally made popular in the United States by American landscape artist and designer Andre Jackson Downing in the late 1800s, cottage-style homes are filled with individuality and their decor often reflect the owner’s character.

If you are looking to build a cottage, there are some quintessential features that you can expect to see in the house plan. Let us go through a few.

  • An asymmetrical structure

    If you look at our Mountain Cottage house plan in NC, you will find that it has an asymmetrical structure. Cottages are usually one or two-storied and are characterized by their asymmetrical structure and cross gabled roofs. The traditional cottages featured high chimneys that were often decorated with brick or stone work, uneven roofs and even arched doorways, which further enhanced the asymmetry. Even the rooms can be of irregular shapes and sizes in some houses.


  • Porch

    Most cottages, as you will see even in our Mountain Cottage house plan, come with a spacious and welcoming front porch. The porch is not just an extension of the living space but is also instrumental in lending a more snug feel to the aesthetics of the house. A porch will provide you with the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work. You can sit on your porch and sip on a glass of lemonade on a hot summer afternoon or enjoy the rain while you curl up in a chair with a cup of coffee.

  • Steep roofline

    One of the most striking features of cottages are their steep and almost dramatic rooflines that provide a kind of theatrical appeal to the house. The high roofs also mean that you will have dormers, which create an additional space. You can use that space for a range of different purposed. You can use it as a children’s bedroom, library, office or even an art studio.

  • Cozy interior design

    It is not just the aforementioned external features that lend a house that typical cottage look. The interior is also equally important. Usually, the cottage interiors have a neat and simple structure, without too many ornate details. This makes it ideal for the homeowners to be able to create a warm atmosphere by opting for a neutral color palette.

    Often preferred by homeowners for their cozy and homely vibe, these houses are the perfect way for you to experience the idyllic charm of the old English-style country homes in a more contemporary and modern setting.

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