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What You’ll Get – The Construction Plan Package

Each Construction Plan Package includes clear and concise plans and details providing all the information needed for construction by a licensed, professional, building contractor. The plans are carefully prepared by a registered architect and skilled draftsmen. The plans are thoroughly cross referenced and professionally done. A comparable set of architectural plans prepared from scratch by an architect could easily cost $15,000 to $30,000 or more making these standardized house plan packages, starting at $750.00, a significant value.

The Construction Plan Package Includes the Following:

The Construction Plan Package includes bound specifications and 5 full sets of 24″ x 36″ bound prints consisting of the items listed below.

Foundation (or piling) plan – Drawn to 1/4″ scale, this plan describes the foundation system with notations, dimensions and details including footings, support piers, columns, pilings, foundation walls and girders.

Structural floor framing and roof framing plans showing beam sizes, joist and rafter sizes, spacing and details.

Exterior Elevations – 1/4″ Scale drawings of all four sides showing exterior materials, measurements, windows, doors, roof configuration, etc.

Floor plans – Detailed plans, drawn to 1/4″ scale for each level showing dimensions, wall arrangements, windows, door sizes, cabinets & plumbing fixtures, stair arrangements, etc. Plans are keyed and cross referenced to building elevations and building sections. A room finish schedule describes suggested surface treatments and materials.

Cross Section(s) – A vertical cutaway view of the house from roof to foundation showing details of construction, framing, flooring, roofing, etc. Section keys relate typical construction conditions to enlarged details.

Wall Section(s) – Typical wall details as needed to generally describe the construction and materials.

Detail Drawings – Large scale details of primary building conditions.

Interior Elevations – Detailed drawings of kitchen & bath cabinet elevations and other interior elements as required to describe the construction.

Project Manual – Includes bidding documents, general requirements, and Outline Specifications for materials and products used on this project.

Mechanical & Electrical Layouts – Mechanical and electrical drawings are included which show diagrammatic layout and location of primary components. Your local mechanical/electrical contractor or engineer still must size and design the system to ensure correct operation of the HVAC and electrical equipment for your region and climate conditions and to comply with applicable codes.


  1. Since it is impractical to attempt to detail every condition occurring in the construction, only typical conditions are shown. Your contractor should familiarize himself with the drawings sufficiently to be able coordinate other conditions not detailed on the drawings.
  2. Materials lists or estimate take-offs are not included in the typical plan package.

Study Plans Include the Following:

Study Plans consist of 1/8″ scale presentation plans, building section(s), elevations and computer rendering(s). Room sizes and overall dimensions are shown. Plans are presented in an 11″ x 17″ format. The Study Plans are great for getting budget estimates, verifying that the house plan will fit on your property and verifying compliance with height and setback requirements of your local ordinances.

Plans are not returnable

Please double check the plan design before placing your order, since Southern Cottages will not accept returned plans for refunds, exchanges, or credit. Study plans may be ordered, if desired, to help you in your planning process and to confirm that the plan you selected meets all your requirements before you order the Construction Plan Package.

Square footage calculations

Square footage calculations include the heated area of the house plan and are measured from the outside face of the exterior construction including all walls. When figuring two-story and story-and-a-half construction, the stairs have been included once. Your builder will need to factor in the costs of pilings, foundations, basements, garages, covered or screened porches, decks, balconies and other features specific to your plans when making budget estimates.

Number of sets of plans needed

Five sets of plans are generally needed for construction: Two for your contractor, one each for the local building inspections department, financing institution, and yourself for reference. Subcontractors may also require additional sets. Additional sets are available on the order page.

Reversed plans

We can also furnish reversed plans. If you find that a particular house plan would suit you or your lot better if it were reversed (mirror image), we can provide reversed plans. Please choose this option on the order page.

Plan changes

Your contractor can make minor changes in dimensions on your plans, in some instances, with little trouble. However, if you wish to make serious alterations in the plans which affect the structural design, or if changes are needed to comply with current, local building codes, you will need the assistance of an architect or professional residential designer.

There are Two Ways to Have Changes Made to the Plans:

  1. We at Southern Cottages can make the revisions to the plans for you. If you would like for us to make changes to the standard plans, call-in or fax us your desired changes. Often it is desirable to obtain Study Plans so that detailed notations or indications can be made on the Study Plans and sent to us for an estimate of the cost of our services to make the changes to the drawings. If you choose to have us make the changes, a retainer in the amount of 50% of our fee is required for us to begin the work. The balance is due upon completion of the work. We will prepare revised schematic design drawings (Study Plans) of your requested additions/changes and send them to you for your approval. Upon your approval of the schematic design changes, we will change the construction drawings accordingly. All sheets of the construction drawings are updated, re-designed where necessary and coordinated to reflect your changes.
  2. You can have your local architect to make the changes. Once you purchase the plan (license), you can have a local architect or residential design professional to make the changes. AutoCAD files are available for this purpose. Note that the author of the changes must assume liability for changes he/she makes to the drawings.


Plans are shipped priority mail unless otherwise requested. While most plans are available for immediate shipment, some plans may require a 3 to 6 week lead time prior to shipping. Please check notations regarding shipping availability on the order page or call our office to inquire about plan availability.

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